The Powell River Good Food Box

FAQ: How much is it? The Good Food Box is priced at $12.00 each.

A small amount of that money is held in reserve to go towards the minimal costs of the program and to absorb surprises and overages. (Prices can fluctuate wildly in the produce market!) Fruits and vegetables are purchased in season, lowest cost available and BC grown where possible. Basic staple items such as carrots, potatoes, onions, bananas, and apples are included every time. Then items like leafy greens, peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, green beans or oranges are added until the best value is reached. Large families or groups are encouraged to buy two or more boxes. Elderly and small households can partner and share with neighbours and friends. It's a great incentive to cook together too!

FAQ: Do I get to choose what I want in the box?
No, everyone gets the same thing, but you can trade with your friends or neighbours. Sometimes, a new ingredient in the box might challenge you to try something new! Recipes are included in our newsletter.

FAQ: Is it a government program? A charity? The Good Food box is not a charity. We are staffed by volunteers and function on a cost recovery basis. Started in 2002 with a grant from Health Canada, we are now a self sustained citizen group and we hope to remain in Powell River for many years to come!
People pay for what goes into their boxes. It is a “hand up”, rather than a “hand out”, and customers can participate at many levels.

Come and join us for pot luck lunch on box day! We sort and distribute from the United Church in Powell River but we are non denominational. We have many community partners who help to make this program a success from a wide family of diverse organizations and individuals. A great community resource, run by a great community of people!

Address / Contact Info

The Family Place (purchase point); The United Church (sorting point)
Powell River, BCV8A 2N4
Co-ordinator : Annabelle Tully-Barr
The organizations listed above are partners. There are other purchase points in Powell River as well.

Phone Numbers

Co-ordinator : (604) 223-3265
Powell River Family Place : (604) 485-2706

Hours of Operation

Regular hours: Orders are expected early in the month. Good Food Box distribution is always on the second Wednesday of each month.


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This program was last updated on 07 Feb 2018.