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Community Health & Well Being

Powell River Cycling Association (PRCA)

Everything Cycling!more info

Address / Contact Info
4153 Fernwood Avenue
, Powell River, BC, V8A 3K2
Phone: (604) 485-9550
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Powell River Diversity Initiative

Building common ground through education, awareness and action. Anti-racism/ cultural connections/ community, charitable status , non profitmore info

Address / Contact Info
4727 Marine Avenue
, Powell River, BC, V8A 2K5
Phone: (604) 485-2004
Phone: (604) 485-2675
Fax: (604) 485-9244
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Powell River Minor Hockey

Powell River's hockey organization for kids - open to everyone who wants to learn to play and enjoy Canada's national pastime!more info

Address / Contact Info
Powell River Minor Hockey Association
PO Box 31
, Powell River, BC, V8A 4Z5
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Powell River Therapeutic Riding Association

more info

Address / Contact Info
4356 Myrtle Avenue
, Powell River, BC, V8A 0T2
Phone: (604) 485-0177
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Powell River United Church

We are a friendly and inclusive faith community that focuses on celebrating God in worship, service and fellowship. Our doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey.

Our goal is to provide an atmosphere of loving acceptance, where people can grow spiritually through vibrant worship, honest friendships, caring fellowship, heartfelt prayer and compassionate concern for the world.

•Worship: 10:30 AM Sunday
•Kids United (Sunday School): 10:30 AM Sunday

more info

Address / Contact Info
6932 Crofton St
, Powell River, BC, V8A5H4
Phone: (604) 485-5724
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Powell River Youth Soccer Association (PRYSA)

Organization for soccer for Powell River youth boys and girls ages 4 to 18 years.more info

Address / Contact Info
Powell River Youth Soccer Association
Box 223
, Powell River, BC, V8A 5P4
Phone: (604) 483-2252
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Qigong with Sandra

Gentle, but powerful, qigong is a beautiful practice that is accessible and beneficial for anyone or any age or health status. Qigong is a practice that involves and benefits the whole being.

While qigong is ancient, with a history of 5,000 years or more, it is an extremely valuable practice for the modern person. A regular practice will, over time, result in a more relaxed, peaceful, strong, energized, and balanced person. Through qi self-massage, meditation, breath and energy work, dao yogic stretching, and standing (or sitting) qigong flows, the practitioner influences the physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies.

Working with posture, movement, breath and focused intention, qigong is incredibly transforming on all levels of being. Organs, bones, muscles, connective tissue, body systems, meridians, energy centers, emotions — nothing is left out. The practice is held in the wonderful and practical philosophy of nature, calling on the wisdom of the seasons, the Five Elements, animals, colours, and the emotions and virtues of the body’s organs, to guide the way to a more balanced, healthy life.

more info

Address / Contact Info
Powell River, BC
Phone: (604) 483-3509
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Resilient Health

Occupational Therapy and Nutrition Services for:
Resilience against Chronic Disease
Habits for Health
more info

Address / Contact Info
Powell River, BC, V8A 4G4
Phone: (604) 414-0765
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Rootdown Yoga

Providing year round yoga classes of many styles. Rootdown Yoga is here to help create the best foundation to utilize on and off the mat, to reconnect with our true desires and living an enriched and purposeful life. By being strongly rooted the strength and ease in all experiences become attainable; clarity and acceptance are granted. Now is the time to get back to our roots.more info

Address / Contact Info
Powell River, BC
Phone: (604) 344-0624
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Strength training 55+

The City of Powell River Parks, Recreation & Culture strives to enhance the quality of life for all citizens through facilitation of recreation services, providing and maintaining parks and green spaces and supporting the arts and culture in a postiive, healthy and equitable manner.more info

Address / Contact Info
City of Powell River Parks, Recreation & Culture, Recreation Complex
5001 Joyce Ave
, Powell River, BC, V8A 5R2
Reception: (604) 485-2891
Health & Fitness Coordinator: (604) 485-8903
Fax: (604) 485-2162
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